VIOLIN 1 Saskia Niehl


– German-Taiwanese-American


– Bachelor at HfM Freiburg, Prof. Simone Zgraggen, Prof. Sebastian Hamann
– CNSM Lyon, Prof. Marianne Piketty
– Master at UdK Berlin, Prof. Peter Rainer
– currently studying for soloist diploma at HMTM Hannover, Prof. Elisabeth Kufferath

Musical activities:

– Academist Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen
– Konzertförderung Deutscher Musikwettbewerb
– Scholarship Deutsche Stiftung Musikleben
– Scholarship Deutsche Orchesterstiftung with Duo Ad Libitum
– playing baroque violin with amateur skills 

– What would you do if you weren‘t a musician?

When I was small, I always wanted to be a teacher or an author – maybe that would still fit? I’m still quite curious about literature, biology, languages and science. Living in an Asian country for a while would also be exciting.

– Why are you playing in a string quartet?

It’s always been what I love doing and hearing the most in music – for me, the sound of a string quartet is the most perfect sound I can imagine.

– What is your hidden talent?

Always finding food in forgotten corners of my suitcase.

– Favourite quartet memory?

Roadtrip through Italy in a tiny car, sharing one and a half seats with Nevena and listening to “Hot Summer 2002”